Artisan Miniatures Books

Artisan Miniatures

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Artisan Miniatures Books

Our 1/12 scale books are our most popular item that we manufacture and sell.

The finished books measure about 0.8" in height and half an inch across. 

Please note that there are many more book titles than the ones on display. Miniature books are in high demand and are a great kit to make! We choose the title of the book that we send you based upon our inventory needs. All of the books are assembled the same way.

Making our books is relatively easy.   To start, you will cut out a strip of book pages from a printed page that we send you.  Then, you fan fold the strip to create individual book pages.  The folded strip is glued into a card stock cover. Then, a printed dust jacket is cut out and folded to fit around the book.  The last step is putting the completed book in a small plastic bag, folding the top, and stapling it shut so that it cannot escape.   That's it!

Artisan Miniatures pays $1.00 per each book that you assemble and we buy them in groups of 100. That means you earn $100 for each unit of correctly-made books.