Artisan Miniatures Cartons NEW to Assembly!

Artisan Miniatures

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Artisan Miniatures Cartons  NEW to Assembly!

Our 1/12 scale cartons are cartons of various must-have items in the doll house.  We manufacture:  egg nog, grapefruit juice, lemonade, milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, orange juice, and even epsom salts cartons.  They are all made the same way.

The finished cartons stand just shy of 1" tall.


Making cartons for us does not require any special skills other than the ability to see well and read and understand directions written in English.    To assemble this kit, you are going to cut out printed cartons, follow folding instructions, and glue them together.   Lastly, each carton gets put into a plastic bag and the top is stapled so that they cannot escape in the mail.

Artisan Miniatures pays $75.00 for each correctly-assembled group of 100 cartons.

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