Artisan Miniatures Miniature Bows

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Artisan Miniatures Miniature Bows

Our miniature bow kit makes bows that are used for many of our miniature items. The bows are about the size of a dime. Each bow is made of ribbon wound on the special bow maker that is provided in the kit. You wind the ribbon around the pins and glue it into place in the center with a low temperature glue gun. The glue or the glue gun is not provided for this kit! Low temperature glue guns are available at most department stores and even at some dollar stores. The bows in this kit are not packaged in plastic bags like many of our other miniatures.


We pay you 25 cents for each bow that you make for us to our specifications. These are done in sets of 400 bows, so that you will make $100 each time you send a unit of bows to us.

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