Artisan Miniatures Paper Chains

Artisan Miniatures

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Artisan Miniatures Paper Chains

Another item that is popular is our Paper Chain. These are 1/12 scale paper chains similar to what many people have made in school for the holidays.

 This kit is an especially popular item for various holidays, with red and green being the most popular for miniature Christmas displays. Each finished chain is around 11 inches long and can vary slightly since they are all handmade.

 The paper chains are all made the same way. You first cut out the chain links from paper. They all are made of two colors that alternate when put together. You then form and glue the links together into 11 inch chains. Place each paper chain individually in a plastic bag that we provide. Fold and staple the tops of each bag so the chains can't escape. It's that simple. We find that, while not required, a pair of tweezers helps a great deal when making this products.

 Artisan Miniatures will buy 100 completed bags of Paper Chains from you for $75.

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